About The Designer

By day Alanoud Alattiya is a UCL Museum and Gallery Practice Masters graduate and museum practitioner, and by evenings a couturier. Alanoud’s journey in fashion began during her childhood growing up in an environment fully immersed in haute couture. Her mother was an avid fashion enthusiast, and one of the first women to wear Christian Dior in the Arabian Gulf region during the late 50’s. Growing up Alanoud’s enchantment with fashion turned into a fascination with detail, structure and gown construction. Often to her mothers dismay, she would find Alanoud dismantling her gowns to study its construction and finishing”.

All journeys unavoidably have challenges; interestingly Alanoud Al Attiya’s challenge was that a career in couture designing amongst members belonging to an elite society was frowned upon a decade ago. This resulted in the partial stifling of her creativity, however ever since AlanoudAlattiya’s first cousin: His Highness The Father Amir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and his wife Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser built a platform which allowed for newer social meaning and understanding; today talent, brilliance and creativity are not only accepted but celebrated and encouraged as an art form.

Alanoud’s first encounter towards probing her potential can be measured by accolades such as being the first Qatari in 2009 to export a product, asides from the country’s export of gas and petrol, proudly bearing the label ‘Made in Qatar’which sold in Harrods in London. Albeit challenging, this milestone in Alanoud’s career in fashion also made her brand the first of the Arabian Gulf brands every to be stocked in Harrods before it was acquired by Qatar Holdings.

About the brand TIIYA

Shortly after, Alanoud started working on creating her haute couture brand TIIYA, with the brand namederived from her surname Alattiya.
Very hands on, Alanoud acts as CEO and creative director heading all departments of the brand which she runs with her daughter Sheikha Al-Thani. TIIYA couture’s original inspired lines promise to breath unique form structure that embody the iconic TIIYA gowns.
TIIYA’s uses lush fabrics, ranging from heavy gazar, to lighter organza, crepes and taffetas, and her look is instantly recognisible by her sculptural shapes and meticulously ornate beading.

TIIYA’S debut collection is hosted at the Arab Fashion Week’s inaugural show whereby she was chosen by the Arab Fashion Council as the only designer from the Arabian Gulf to show her collection.